Very simple OAuth 2.0 client

This is a very simple to use OAuth 2.0 client. It has minimal dependencies.

NOTE: if you are not bound to PHP 5.4, you are probably better off using the OAuth 2.0 client of the League of Extraordinary Packages! It can be found here.


You MUST configure PHP in such a way that it enforces secure cookies! See this resource for more information.


The API is very simple to use. See the example/ folder for a working example!


As always, make sure you understand what you are doing! Some resources:


You can contact me with any questions or issues regarding this project. Drop me a line at

If you want to (responsibly) disclose a security issue you can also use the PGP key with key ID 9C5EDD645A571EB2 and fingerprint 6237 BAF1 418A 907D AA98 EAA7 9C5E DD64 5A57 1EB2.